Training Available

A list of professional development training are available such as:

• First Aid (Awareness )

• First Aid (Competency Certificate under the Red Cross syllabus)

• Fire Awareness • Ergonomics

• Food Hygiene (HACCP standards)

• Dangerous Goods (Awareness, all regulatory categories) 

• Safety Awareness / Hazard Identification/ Human Factors / Ergonomics

* All the course contents are customized as per nature of the business

* other training on request In addition to the Regulatory training.

We  develop and provide soft skills training on demand.

Such as :

Management skills

Customer Service

Telephone Etiquette

Leadership skills

Train the trainer 

and more

COVID19 Awareness training available

Training for tourism transport safe certification in collaboration with SLTA and PHA

Vaccination for COVID19 awareness (help your staff to understand what is a vaccine, how does it work, and why is it important to be vaccinated)

Workplace SOP customization (awareness)

and more customized for you